Plants Were Killed First In Earth’s Largest Extinction Disaster

The ‘Great Dying’ that occurred between the Palaeozoic and the Mesozoic eras is the biggest extinction event in the history of mankind. This Permian-Triassic Extinction Event known as the earth’s most severe extinction has wiped out about 96% of all marine species, 70% of Terrestrial vertebrate species, 57% of all biological families and about 83% of all Genera have become extinct. Major Mass extinction of Insects too.

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The new research which was done by the University of Nebraska Lincoln has stated that the Plants were the first ones to have been become extinct after the event. They were the first sufferers followed by their animal counterparts in all biospheres.

The ‘Great Dying’ event in the history is dated back to about 252 Million years ago. It was then when the Earth’s major plates have started colliding, volcanic eruptions were arising and the life on the surface started to die away. The sea or marine life also suffered extinction with a great displacement of water and temperature changes.

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The new study adds a crucial point to the time duration between the plants and the marine lives getting extinct. They have stated a 4,00,000 years gap between the two. Where the plants were the first ones to go. Then there were modifications to the living animals, they went extinct and then many other species as well.

Earth's largest extinction

The outcomes of this new study were already anticipated and done by others but none of them could prove it and pin it on a firm point till now. The researchers have studied the fossils of Pollen along with the chemical composition and age of the rock, and also the layering of sediment on the southeastern cliffsides of Australia.

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They have interlinked the whole setting and came to this proved conclusion. ” The finding points to the eruption of lava through nickel deposits in Siberia. That volcanism could have converted the nickel into an aerosol that drifted thousands of miles southward before descending on, and poisoning, much of the plant life there. Similar spikes in nickel have been recorded in other parts of the world“. Says Tracy Frank a professor involved in the study.

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