Plants Can Smell, They Dont Need Noses To Smell: Researchers

Smell as we all can sense, does not always associate itself with the presence of an organ to do it. Nose is the only way we all beings experience the sense of smell, as there are receptors in the nose which respond to the various smells. But what about the living beings which do not have a typical nose? Like in the situation of plants. Researchers have done many studies to confirm that plants indeed have a sense of smell and they can smell without a nose.

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Researchers from the University of Tokyo have concluded by saying that Plants smell with the help of the genes that are inbuilt in them. The researchers have made their initial steps towards the discovery. The information the genes carry modulate with the change in the Odour molecules and this is expressed in the genes of the plants.

Not a recent idea or not a small era of struggle. 18 years of research has made this achievement possible. Talking about the advancement and the findings the researchers have said this. Plants detect the presence of certain odour-molecules only. They are called the Volatile Organic Compounds.

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Used in attracting the useful bees, insects, birds and also to repel the harmful insects and pests. The compounds thus produce the essential oils regarding their scents. By exposing the compounds to different odours, the changes are then monitored and registered.

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The odour molecules penetrate into the cell membranes of the plants and slowly the plants change their behaviour to the smells. It is a very slow process and speed is not a concern to the plants as they do not move or run away. Usage of odours desired to the plants facilitates a change in their behaviour towards different insects and pests.

This behavioural change can improve plant quality, without the use of harmful insecticides and pesticides. If this is made possible, it would be a breakthrough in controlling the pests, just by using an anti-pest odour.

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