Picture Of Abhinandan Showing His Middle Fin*ger Is Going Viral

There are various versions of stories of Abhinandan falling down in Pakistan. But, the reality behind this came to limelight after a Pakistani eyewitness opened up his narrative of what actually happened. According to him, Commander Abhinandan Varthaman raised patriotic slogans, fired in the air and stuffed his mouth with documents when he landed on Pakistani soil after ejecting from his fighter jet, says the headman of a village on the other side of the border.

Abhinandan has been the center of global attention since his capture on Wednesday, will be released on Friday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced in Parliament. Recounting the dramatic events leading to his capture, Mohammad Razzaq Chaudhry, the chief of Horran village in Pakistan, told the BBC that he ran to the spot along with other villagers when he saw the MiG 21 crashing to the ground.

Abhinandan’s first question on landing was whether he was in India, Chaudhry said, disclosing that the pilot was pelted with stones and also shot in the leg while fleeing. “My objective was to capture the pilot alive. I had seen the Indian flag on his parachute and knew he was Indian,” Chaudhry was quoted as saying. On the other hand, another picture of Abhinandan showing a middle finger while holding a glass of beer is going viral on the Internet.

Netizens were wondering what this is all about, people went resharing it on social media claiming that it is Abhinandan’s reaction to Pakistan after coming back. With facts considered this picture is obviously fake. If you look at it closely you would see Abhinandan eyes are both perfectly alright so it cannot be latest as currently his one eye is swollen.

Also, he was not wearing this suit when he entered India, and this picture emerged hours later. It is either old or photoshopped.

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