Pakistani Troll Kangana Ranaut For Her Response After Pulwama Tragedy

The whole nation is in support of the families of the jawans who lost their beloved in the Pulwama Tragedy. In order to convey their solidarity towards the loss of lives of the sons of the land, many Bollywood celebrities have done their part in paying condolences. The nation came to the rescue of the families of the CRPF jawans after the incident. Fierce Actress Kangana Ranaut also expressed about how she feels about this incident.

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She says, ” It was an instinctive sentiment when we were faced with that shocking incident, it was inhuman. It left a deep scar and wound; obviously, I was moved by the brutality of the action. You cannot be such a victim of your own mind that you will let the thought process take over and look for the best response. I don’t feel that every statement of mine has to be politically correct. It’s what I felt. I felt like going to the border and doing the deed. That’s my reaction”. 

It was at the ‘India Today Conclave 2019’ that Kangana Ranaut attended, these words were spoken. But, it was not the end of it. The official India Today Showbiz twitter handle had modified what she has said. They have posted one single line of her whole response, and that too was edited accordingly.

That Tweet of India Today read, ” I wanted to go to the border, snatch a gun and do the deed”. This was not said in the right way and thus was also not taken in the right way. Unnecessarily, Kangana Ranaut was trolled badly by the Pakistanis.

Twitter Trolls:

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What do you have to say about this? The Actual Vs The Edited? Do Comment below.

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