Pakistan Surrendering To India After 1971 Battle Defeat

The incident of Pulwama happened more than a week ago, but the whole nation is still involved in the trauma. As the day goes by every citizen of India is seen enraged by the happenings. The sad unfortunate demise of 40 CRPF Personnel was heartbreaking. On top of that, there are denials regarding their hand in this attempt by the Pakistani officials. Day by day tensions are rising up, and a possible military bout may happen.

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Looking back at the yesteryears when there was a war between India and Pakistan in 1971, India defeated Pakistan. The iconic war was more of a surrender than a war of the nations. It was a military confrontation between the nations as part of the Liberation wars of East Pakistan.

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The INS Ghazi, first Naval Casualty of India

Started on December 3rd 1971, with both the nation’s militaries confronting at both the East and West fronts. 13 straight days into the war Pakistan had lost half of its forces. Soon the Indian Army was gaining on the Pakistanis and at this moment the then Pakistani Army Chief signed the Instrument of Surrender.

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The then chief was Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, along with his leftover 93,000 troops surrendered to the combined forces of both Indian Army and Bangladesh’s Mukti Bahini. This massive surrender was considered as the Second Greatest Surrender since the end of World War 2.

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The Pakistani Army Chief of Staff, Brigadier Baqir Siddiqui was approached by the then media who interviewed him for a brief moment. In the video, he was seen and heard saying, “ It is a part of the game…we have to accept it…We surrendered because of the consideration of human lives…We could have fought on for a long time…for the next 30 days”. 

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(Watch the video here)

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