Pakistan News Presenter Hit With A Fire Ball In A Live Debate

Debates are usually meant to be done in an orderly fashion, with people discussing opposing topics. This ending with a decision, or a yes or no vote, or a median solution to the problem discussed. We are often put in a situation where this discussion, goes out of order and arguments heat up. Raged persons are seen flying out abuses and even studio items against each other. Pakistan’s news channel got really heated up, in literal terms.

In an Urdu channel, a Pakistani News Presenter is seen questioning a member outside the studio on the matters of ‘Border Security’. Before the opposite person could answer, there is a huge ‘Thud!’ heard at the studio. Following which a ball of fire, in its very literal terms, a ball like an object with fiery blaze comes flying right at the presenter.

Quick alertness of the presenter made him jump out of his seat before he could catch any fire. All this happened a Live Television Debate. He was mediating the debate and was asking a question in Urdu, which translates to, “Do you think it’s easy for extremists to cross the border in a group? “. 

Unaware of the popping sound and not having a visual of the studio, the panellists away from the studio continue to answer the question. This video was recorded and is spiralling the internet, with Twitter having verbal memes out of it.

The ‘Heated Debate’ has ‘Set the Studio on Fire’ were among the puns created based on this. Twitter had many more and here they are.



The “Burning Topic” pun


Pakistan’s high tech news channel satire, “5D Effects in a news channel”, after an AI News reporter of China.

Another news mishap after an earlier spelling mistake displayed by Pakistan’s news channel, Imran Khan was stuck saying ‘Begging’ instead of ‘Beijing’. Unfortunately, this happened in China when Pakistan Prime Minister visited the nation, for seeking financial help.

(Watch the video here)

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