Pakistan Journalist Interviewing Cows, Donkeys And Buffaloes Goes Viral

‘Geo News’ Channel of Pakistan had surpassed its TRP Ratings and beat all its fellow news channels. All thanks to this one news reporter named Amin Hafeez. He is not an ordinary reporter getting news and statements from people. He interviews animals. Takes the statements from them. Video-records their experiences and notes down information. This is not a hypothetical situation, neither it is exaggerated a bit.

Amin with his unconventional methods of reporting news has taken ‘First-hand Reporting’ and ‘First-hand Information’ to a whole new level. Infamous ‘Animal Interviewer’ has struck again after his crazily viral ‘interview with a Buffalo’.

This time he is back with a ‘Bray’, an interview with a Donkey. Earlier Chaand Nawaab’s Eid Video as a reporter gone too viral, which even inspired Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s reporter character in the Salman Khan’s movie ‘Bajrangi Baijaan’. But, to come up with a character inspired by this reporter is not even a reality even in real life.

Talking about Donkey Population in Pakistan, this Ameen Hafeez, one-of-a-kind reporter, was seen sitting on a donkey while reporting about them. The dire situation of increasing Donkey population, more than the country’s Human Population. The video is taken at a Donkey Hospital in Lahore.

Amin starts interviewing the Donkey owners and the workers who are working at the Donkey Hospital while sitting on the donkey himself. He tries hard to balance well on the donkey, but at last, when he signs off the report, he tumbles and falls down from the animal. This video has gone viral.

In an earlier similar report in the year 2016, Amin has interviewed a ‘Buffalo’. He was asking the Buffalo its experience in climbing a bridge made for pedestrians. He literally asks the animal, “Did you find this task difficult or easy?.

Funnily in another interview, Amin was seen interviewing Goats. He asked them, “Do you speak English?”. Often breaking into dance moves while interviewing with humans he has this to say about his method.

“I am told repeatedly, that I pick stories that are non-serious. That is not true…There are certain issues, mostly social issues, which will not be paid attention to otherwise. So, I try to do things differently. I hope to keep you, the viewers, as engaged as possible. ”

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