Pakistan Harassing Indian Diplomats in Pakistan

India has officially issued a diplomatic note to the Pakistan Foreign Ministry saying that Pakistani agencies and some of the people are harassing and tailing Indian diplomats in Islamabad of Pakistan. India has officially made a list and mentioned all the instances that took place from the month of March and has also asked Pakistan to investigate the matter.


There is heavy tension situation between both the India and Pakistan from the period of Surgical Strikes and due to the recent Balakot Air Strike conducted by Indian Air Force in Pakistan. Ceasefire Violations are happening between both the country’s and Pakistan is initiating ceasefire violations throughout the border which made indian officers to vacate the villagers on the Indian side .

On other side , Pakistan Agencies are harrasing the indian diplomats in Pakistan which made the indian officals to lode a complaint, India listed that more than 13 instances of harassment in the month of March itself took place and asked Pakistan to stop these threats and further investigate the matter for a proper solution. Denaying Gas connection and blocking proper internet connection for the indian officials is done by pakistan to make Indian officers suffer for basic needs , Entering the houses of Indian Diplomats without proper permission and breaking their items has become routine for the Pakistan

Spying on our Indian Diplomats by the Pakistani security agency personnel in a car while proceeding from the Chancery to the bank. The officers are also receiving a number of hoax calls during the last few days. The Pakistani security agency personnel was also observed meeting the local security guard outside the residence regularly and asking details regarding availability of the officer and details of occupants of the residence.

India has asked Pakistani authorities to “investigate these incidents urgently and instruct the relevant agencies to ensure that similar incidents do not recur”. Indian Diplomats on their letter stated that such incidents of harassment were in clear violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and that the safety and security of Indian High Commission officers, staff members, and their families is the responsibility of the Pakistan government.

Lets Hope Pakistan Ends such type of rude behavior towards our officers

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