Pakistan Cricket Fan Sings Indian National Anthem, Video Viral

It is no new a fact that India shares a bitter relationship with her neighbouring country -Pakistan and there always is a conflict between Pakistan cricket fans and Indian cricket fans, be it on the field, or on social media channels and public gatherings. While artists have always had aspired to spread peace and appeal not to belittle the other country, the perspective of those who gets sacrificed for the safety of own country against the another, change the mindset. What perspective is true is a different story but people who dare to go against the popular beliefs and try to open arms for the enemies or counterparts sure get noticed and appreciated. Recently, when the Indian cricket team stood on the field against Pakistan, and Indian national anthem was being played, a Pakistan fan was spotted singing our national anthem – Jana Gana Mana.

The video showing the Pakistan fan singing India’s national anthem went viral on the internet within a very short time and garnered a whole lot of attention. Netizens could not just resist sharing the clip here and there to almost every other social media platform. Man in the video identified himself as Adil and said, “That’s me guys. Thanks for sharing. Peace only. No nonsensical wars. Spread Love.”

Adil also claimed that he is a Bollywood fan and learned the national anthem from Bollywood only. “I am a big Bollywood fan. I heard the Indian national anthem in the Hindi movie, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. One of the scenes about the anthem was so emotional, it gave me goosebumps. From then onwards, I tried to learn the anthem when it was sung before any cricket match that India was playing,” he stated. The man also expresses that he wish there will be more matches of India against Pakistan, as it can be a good move towards peace.


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