Our Milky Way Galaxy Likely To Collide With Andromeda Galaxy

The ‘Big Bang’ Theory which is the present solid explanation of how our Universe has formed is one humongous explosion. Our next closes biggest Celestial aspect is our Milky Way Galaxy. The Solar System is in this galaxy and we are on one among the eight planets in this single still unexplored Solar System of ours. But there is another Galaxy, our neighbour named, ‘Andromeda’. And the two galaxies might collide.

galaxy collision

The Andromeda Galaxy is larger in size than ours. And the renowned physicists and astronomers have long confirmed one such collision. On studying the space dust, star formation, peculiar behaviour of the galaxies, they have come to this conclusion.

The collision is bound to happen in a Billion years, and so the ones living now are out of only this danger. The two galaxies would collide, the leftover mingle and a longer elliptical galaxy would be thus formed. The estimated time of collision has now been reduced by 600 million years.

galaxy collision 5

Andromeda Galaxy

The number of years seems very long for us humans, but according to the space-time, these are shockingly soon numbers. Collision in its word would not be brutal Head-on collision as we all imagine it would be. But, it would be more like a sideways collision.

galaxy collision 4

Scientists at the European Space Agency have put this collision in a simple way. It would more like be a collision when one car would hit another car’s Rear view side mirror. The Andromeda Galaxy is about 2.5 Billion light years away from the Milky Way Galaxy. The study using advanced technology and with the use of the Hubble found it would be a sideways collision.

galaxy collision 1

Milky Way Galaxy

The usual disaster prevention approach cannot be used here, and some events in natureĀ are unstoppable and its called ‘The Course of Nature’. The astronomers were aware of such collision since the year 1912. The use of present-day technology was to predict the outcome, taking into consideration the surrounding peculiar behaviours of the space.

The present interpretation of the data is fast-forwarded to over aeons and the collision is thus estimated virtually, visually.

(Watch the video here)

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