Other Side Of Food Delivery Service We Tend To Overlook: True Story

Waiting for another story where we will be given details of food tampering or bad quality of food. No, this true story does not include any of those categories. But, an emotion that starts off with hunger is taken so far from its physicality to the philosophical aspect of it. Aakash Vinay, from Bangalore, had ordered food from a food delivery service on a cold Karnataka evening, delivery was late, the delivery boy was apologetic and was shivering with cold.

Aakash took notice of all the emotions he had gone through in that one hour and was also now empathetic to the situations the delivery boy had gone through the same hour. He took to Twitter and narrated his story. Ending it with a simple yet humble hint and a humane caution.

“People in Bengaluru, hear me out. A few days ago I ordered it and it took a while for the delivery person to make it. And no, this isn’t a complaint that I want to be addressed by Swiggy or Zomato or any of the good people there. This is an incident I want to share”. This is how the tweet started.

“After almost an hour of waiting, he finally arrived, and when I opened the door, I felt bad that I had even considered giving him an earful for the delay. He stood there at my doorstep, shivering and barely able to hand me the package. He struggled to pull out his wallet”.

“The company issued jackets sold by the lowest priced retailers didn’t help him. He shivered the whole time, but he smiled throughout. It’s one of the coldest winters Bengaluru has seen in over a decade and there are people whose livelihoods depend on being out on the streets”.

“If you have a shawl or a jacket that you can give away, do that. It’ll mean the world to them…If you’ve been able to put a smile on his face, trust me you’ve earned yourself one too…When the delivery person takes time to reach the restaurant, remember that part of the reason you didn’t step out to eat is the temperature”.

“Know that he gets absolutely NOTHING from delaying your order. This is just a reaction from seeing an old man shivering while handing me my dinner…”.

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