Online Petition Made Government Overturn Its Decision On Randeep IAS

In a Democratic Country of ours, people’s power has the most impact. Protesting with stone pelting is one kind and a Gandhian type silent protest is another. In the new Media era, Online petition and online protest is a new thing. In a commotion where the transfer of Bangalore IAS Officer D Randeep raised many online protests, Government had to overturn his transfer.


On November 30th, among 12 other IAS Officers who were transferred was D Randeep, who was a Special Commissioner to the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP). Following great protests on his transfer, people signed an online petition, which the Karnataka Government could not overlook.

The calibre packed officer was planned to be posted in the Social welfare Department, a transfer signed by the Karnataka Chief Minister himself. The pressure from the citizens made the decision go null and he was retained back in his position.

Often IAS Officers work from behind the screens and the People Elected Representatives are in the limelight. Nowadays the growing impact of the Executive Wing of the Government is getting revealed in this sort.

An Online protester says in her tweet, ” Shocking that IAS officer Randeep was abruptly transferred just when he was starting to make an impact. He is effective, clear-headed, clean and cares about the city and its citizens”. ‘#WeNeedRandeep’ is what the protestors are using in their tweets.

Why did this particular officer have the most retain requests? Within his 3-month brief time, he had made many developments and brought about many changes in the proper functioning of the city. The three main areas where his focus was,

  1. Animal Welfare And Health
  2. Solid Waste Management
  3. Litter management at a high traffic junction

The immense changes in this short period of time were really showing their effect on the smooth functioning of the city area. The citizens are able to notice these changes, and a transfer at this point will create havoc and bring back the old dull conditions.

By the time a new officer comes, registers to the ground situation and does his charm or continues the present changes, it would have caused a disturbance. People are opting for continuity and are scared of things becoming back to worse again.

Detailed petition here.

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