Online Customer Gets Beaten Up By Owner For Writing A Bad Review

Online Shopping breaks the barriers between the customers and the producers minimising the distance and the store visits. The physical analogy of going to a store and buying things is very much minimised to reaching nearby handheld phones and laptops. Writing a review praising the product is good, but writing a complaint cost this lady a lot.

A woman from China named Xiao Die had opted for the Alibaba’s Taobao online store and bought 300 yuan worth of clothes. In our Indian Currency, it would be around Rs 3,087.51 to be precise. The whole incident was covered by a local newspaper named, ‘Zhengzhou Evening Post’.

The post had many bizarre details linked to this specific incident. After the online order, there was a speculated delivery time. The lady had waited till the dates mentioned. She even waited for three more days after the stated Delivery Date. The clothes were not dispatched still.

The lady took to the website, Taobao, and posted a complaint regarding the delay in dispatching the said order. After this complaint was made, the online store owner had lost 12 points, as there was a remark registered now. The store owner named, Mr Zhang was very enraged by this complaint.

Instead of solving the complaint and addressing the issue immediately, he was very angry that the lady had cost him 12 reward points. These points were steps to get him business a boost in the competition. Just like in an online game, scores do matter, and ranks play an important role.

The man with his foolish mind travelled 530 miles, that is about 852.952 exact kilometres to meet the lady. This meeting was not out of courtesy and to personally hand over the online order, but he rudely beat her up. With an intention of ‘Teaching her a lesson’, he arrived at the delivery pick up point.

The woman did not even anticipate the attack. The man hit her on her head, kicked her, pushed her to the floor as well. The woman suffered a concussion and fractured her left elbow due to the fall. Nearby surveillance cameras have caught this, Mr Zhang was sent to 10-day detention and his online store account deleted.

(Watch the video here)

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