Nirbhaya’s Death In 2012, Culprits Still Alive Not Punished As Per Law

The most ghastly act of gangraping was reported on December 16th of the year 2012. Nirbhaya was assaulted and killed in a gruesome manner on a moving bus amidst huge traffic. The 23-year-old succumbed to the injuries days after the assault undergoing treatment in the hospital. It has been six years since this incident took place and the culprits have not been punished as per the law. Mother of the victim says, “It’s Failure of Law”.

The incident had its effect on the whole of the nation. Every person from every nook and corner have gathered in support of the victim and against such barbarity. Protests and candlelight marches have been conducted. Not only pertaining to India, but the outrage also spread worldwide.

The government then rewrote its Anti-Rape Laws. A new law in the name of the victim was made which imposes strict punishment to the culprits. The Six culprits in this case amongst which one was a juvenile at that time were arrested and were supposed to be hanged to death by the court.

Six years after the incident, they are still alive with the case still pending in the court. Does such a gruesome incident, which shook the world need to be delayed for six long years? The court which goes by the law has a motto of, ‘Pardoning 100 criminals better than Punishing 1 innocent’. In this case, with its innate details with the court, there must not be a delay.

Mother of the victim, Asha Devi, expressing how the Government and the country had let her daughter down in not getting justice to her in time. She was deeply disturbed by the fact that, victims are made to suffer on par with the culprits with a minute hope for the culprits of getting an acquittal.

In her words, she says with a heavy heart, ” Culprits in a criminal case like this are still alive. It’s a failure of law and order situation”. Furthermore, she says, ” We want to tell the girls everywhere to not consider themselves weak and request parents to not deprive their girls of education”.

Prominent Personalities Respond

Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweets about it.

West Bengal’s Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee.

The culprits were awarded a death sentence in the year 2013, which was later upheld by the Delhi High Court in 2014. One of them committed suicide in the jail, and the juvenile is sentenced to a Reform Facility for three years. The others are awaiting action.

Not given verdict, nothing executed and not given justice. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. 

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