Nine Deliveries Done Under Candle And Torch Light

Childbirth is a great event in a family’s history. The wholesomeness they feel is boundless. Taking good care of the mother and the expected baby is the most essential parts of the maternal care. In recent times there were many situations where the mother and the child both are neglected and left uncared for by the family members and even by the doctors. One such dangerous situation is narrated here.

delivery under torch

In the city of Dehradun in the State of Uttarakhand, the doctor does Nine Deliveries under candlelight and use of torches. This unsafe method of delivering children was seen in a Government Run hospital named Doon Medical College Hospital in Dehradun.

The Medical College Hospital mentioned here is the biggest hospital in the whole area of Garhwal Division of Dehradun. The area is a very hilly one which serves the most of the members in and around the hilly area. Several districts around this hospital made this as their sole source for treatment.

delivery under torch 3

It was an evening around 8 pm, and there were heavy rains pouring in the place. So there was a power outage from 8 pm in the evening to the next morning at 10:30 am. The whole hospital was in darkness all this while. The hospital had a generator but unfortunately, there was a technical glitch and it did not work.

The whole hospital has only One Sole Electrician as their resource and unfortunately, he was on leave. There were no alternatives to the electrician, no other contacts with the doctors nor with the hospital management. All of them had to rely on this one person who was on leave.

delivery under torch 2

A resident of the area got his pregnant wife here and the doctors asked the man to take her to a private hospital as there was no electricity. But soon the lady started having labour pains. Upon the permission from the husband, the doctors performed the delivery under candlelight and torch from phones.

Following which there were many other deliveries which were done in pitch dark delivery rooms under torch lights. Parents and family members were horrified with the situations but were helpless in the situation. No difficulties were reported and they have delivered safe babies.

delivery under torch 1

The Chief Medical Superintendent of the female wing of the hospital has written letters as complaints to the respected authorities. CM of Uttarakhand Mr Trivendra Singh Rawat responds by saying, “It is a one-off incident and If there was no electricity, should they not have lit candles?”.

They must have lit the room and made it bright by lighting many candles, and even kerosene lamps if possible, but under a single torch light is hazardous.

delivery under torch 4

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