Nepal’s New Law: Children To Deposit Some Money In Parents’ Accounts

A simple story of 70-year-old Lakshman Singhania, when asked said that he had a great life when he was in the “service”. It was the time when he felt that he had “the world under his will”. Looking at the reality he is residing in now, he is seen selling petty plastic items on roadsides. footpaths and railway stations. Still trying to feed his wife, making the two ends meet. To avoid this to its senior citizens, Nepal has come up with this new law.

Nepal is all set to introduce this law and implement it with strict measures. The law makes it mandatory for the children to deposit about 5-10 per cent of their income into the bank accounts of their parents. The compulsion is thus made to thoroughly ensure the well being of the parents.

A Cabinet meeting was held regarding this matter, where the Prime Minister, Khadga Prasad Oli’s Press advisor named Kundan Aryal has decided to present the required amendments. The earlier law that exists in the matter of Senior Citizen safety, is recommended to have certain mandatory amendments.

Kundan Aryal

The Senior Citizen Act of 2006, will add a required change and provision, in the form of a clause. Talking to the open media, the Nepali PM’s advisor says, “The main objective of the proposed bill is to ensure the security of Senior Citizens”.

The children who have Elderly Parents are even more strictly watched and monitored to not skip this measure. According to the current Senior Citizen Act of 2006, the people of ages above 60 years are defined as Senior Citizens, and any income less dependent parents are given top priority and first preference.

“There have been reports that people who are rich have been neglecting their parents. We are introducing the law to discourage the practice and ensure security for elderly people”. Focussing on the responsibility of the children in taking care of their elderly distorted parents, this bill is being endorsed.

Once this bill is approved and the provision is added to the Act, then this will come into force, with backing from the police. And the ones who oppose or fail to stick to it will face Serious Penalty.

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