NASA’s Hubble Telescope finds a Smiley Face in Space

We have seen the evolution of emoticons to emojis here on earth, but could have never thought of finding them in space. Our Smiley Face Emoji found its way to space. Here is how it happened.

Space with a Smile :

Hubble, the world’s first space based telescope found a resemblance of a smiling emoji in its space exploration. Hubble happens to have an unprecedented resolution in taking pictures of stars, planets and even galaxies. One one such routine trip around the Earth, Hubble captured the image of a formation of galaxies.

An Arc of light below two yellowish light smudges were in such a way that they very similarly looked like a smiley. They were actually three galaxies just positioned so. The curve of a smile we saw, was just the light that fell on the galaxy and made it look more stretched.

There is a Sea of Space,says the Hubble :
  • Hubble is the First Major Optical Telescope to be placed in space, our ultimate viewpoint. It was named after Dr. Edward Powell Hubble, who confirmed the theory of an “expanding” universe, through his findings.
  • Hubble was launched into space by NASA in April 1990. It has sent its first image of space in May 1990. Since then Hubble has been transmitting 150 GB of raw science data every week. In total, it has sent us over 150 TB of space data.

Travelling at a speed of 27,300 kmph it completes the Earth’s orbit in about 95 minutes. Even at this speed Hubble can focus and lock its camera on a target without wavering. Its focus and accuracy is so on point that, it can easily take a picture of a thing that is equal to the width of a hair strand from 2 km away.¬†While Hubble takes its pictures, it does not face any disturbances from clouds, dust, mist or pollution. Even Air and Light can not disturb its focus, as they don’t exist in space. So, Hubble has the most undisturbed focus on Earth as well as other celestial bodies.

Hubble Telescope is considered to be the most significant advancement in the field of astronomy next to Galileo’s Invention of a Telescope. Since its working in 1990, Hubble has shown us great views of the Universe making our Human Life explore through Galaxies.


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