Mystery Behind The Frothing Lakes Of Hyderabad: Decoded By Science

Froth and foam on lakes, that flies away with the wind to the nearby streets, road and houses is an avid scene in both the densely populated cities, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Well having water made clouds floating not only in the sky but also seen on the streets seems a pleasant sight for city dwellers. But, ever heard of lakes catching fire? Or ever thought of the origin of this foam? And what kind of harm can soap bubbles cause?

Not neglecting the frothy lakes of the cities, the Scientists at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) looked deep into this ‘Mystery of Frothing Lakes’ and have successfully decoded the cause of the foam and froth. They say that this is not because of a single cause but of multiple factors.

Not only did the able and concerned scientists and researchers solve the lake puzzle, but also warned the required officials on the effects of further negligence. They have urged the authorities to come up with an action plan soon before the situation goes more harmful than now.

P R Meganathan, a scientist at NEERI says, “Frothing is not due to a single factor, rather multiple factors are involved. the chemical factors behind frothing lakes include discharge of detergent and swage, while filamentous bacteria is the biological cause for foams in water bodies”.

At the National Seminar On ‘Frothing Lakes: Causes And Mitigation’, Meghanathan further says, ” Besides, when the lake water tumbles down from a height, it makes the possibility of surfactants leading to bubbles in water. While examining Ibrahimbagh Cheruvu, we felt the need for a localised waste treatment plant and decentralisation of the treatment system as well”.

Brushing aside all the myths and disbeliefs that exist around these froths, the experts say that this is chemical, biological and physical which can cause damage in all these fields.

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