Muslims And Hindus Working Together To Restore A Temple In Pulwama

This start of 2019 and the day of love on February 14th has been very saddening to all the Indians. We have lost 40 of our brave CRPF jawans in a Ter***ist Att**k in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. Since then we have been feeling a void in our nation and any measures to fill it are going in vain. Despite the hostility among the two nations of India and Pakistan, this one incident in Pulwama restores our faith in Humanity and also teaches the intolerant some.

temple in pulwama

The Pulwama area is spread over many kilometres. And 12 km from the place of the ter***ist att**k on our Jawans, is a village. This village is home for an 80-year-old temple with frail structures. The effect of the expl*sion has dismantled the temple even more.

This temple was not in use since the 1990s, the time when Kashmiri Hindus have migrated away from the place due to the disturbances in the area. But, the ones staying here have decided to restore it back to fully functional. Due to the effect of the recent Pulwama incident, the restoration measures were put at a halt.

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After the whole matter seems to have been settled down, on the auspicious eve of Maha Shivaratri, the measures have been resumed. The local Kashmiri Muslims have served their traditional ‘ Kashmiri Kahwa tea’, the Hindus have been constantly working on the temple.

A resident of the same area named, Mohammad Younis had this to say about it, ” Our heartfelt desire is that same old times return which was here 30 years ago when temple bells ring here and on other the side call of Azaan from mosque”.

temple in pulwama 4

The restoration works have been supervised by Bhushan Lal, with the full support and help from a local Muslim Auqaf Trust. Talking about this work another person involved in the works named Mohammad Maqbool says, ” Our effort to restore this temple is because our Pandit brothers should not feel that their temple is incomplete”.

The acts of kindness and the situational effect of Communal harmony is much needed all over the nation, among various faiths and religions too. Stories of such kind, restore peace to the mind and must be taken inspiration from.

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