Mumbai Indians Gets Trolled For Taking A Jibe At Dinesh Karthik

The ongoing India Vs New Zealand has already been the talk of the country. India is showcasing a mixed performance on the field. And it is quite visible that batsman Dinesh Karthik now has a crucial role to play. After the victory he brought for team India in the T20 against Bangladesh with a last ball six, we had great expectations.

He battled powerfully along with Krunal Pndya on the field scoring 52 with 22 balls. They lost the top order and was left to score 68 runs in 28 balls. It required hard hitting but Karthik refused to take a single even though Krunal himself connected the ball well with 25 from just 12 balls.

This fall ultimately leads to the series ending with 1-2 as team India lost just by four runs. This is what Mumbai Indians tweeted after Dinesh Karthik refused a single to Krunal Pandya.

However, unlike the tweets by Mumbai Indians, Twitterati has different opinions. They collectively slammed Mumbai Indians for making an conscious effort to play divide and rule between Indian players. They were all for Dinesh Karthik and appreciated his excellent efforts on the field.

Check out the tweets here:

So, what do you think? Is it worth blaming Dinesh Karthik for the defeat or did it seem like Mumbai Indians just crossed the line a little bit?

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