Mumbai Indians Buy Yuvraj And Malinga For Just 1 & 2 Crores

Recently, auctions took place to buy players for IPL 2019. Yuvraj Singh and Lasith Malinga are two of the best fit-for-T20 players and undoubtedly have some unbreakable records in their name. Despite having so much done and achieved, it is clearly a fact that both are being neglected in IPL auctions. Mumbai Indians have bought Yuvraj and Malinga for base prices of 1 crore and 2crores INR.

Head coach of the team -Mahela Jayawardene says that the decision to buy L. Malinga was an already made plan and not something out of instinct. “We realised after 12 months of hard work, he [Malinga] has come back. He is performing really well. We needed a senior bowler who could guide this young group of bowlers we had. So it’s easier for us to relate to Lasith.”

“Ideally, you want to start with wins under the belt. That gives you momentum. Last year, we played some close matches… we could have won the first four matches that we last. It’s just the killer instinct of finishing the games wasn’t there. But once we got into our stride, we were playing good cricket and we just missed out on the playoffs. The players were disappointed but everyone knew Mumbai did not perform up to its potential,” he continued.

“However, we trust the group, we back the talent and personnel that we bought. So, as long as you’re going to give that confidence to the team, you can expect them to repay that. This squad looks similar to the ones that won the championships in the past. You need to trust people, systems and structures so that they will deliver,” the head coach continued.

On the purchase of Yuvraj too, Mumbai Indians was happy. “To be honest, we had budgeted a lot more for Yuvraj and Malinga. At Rs one crore, a player like Yuvraj is probably a (biggest) steal of 12 (sic) years. He has won every trophy there is to be won,” said the franchise owner Akash Ambani, calling the purchase -their biggest steal in the tournament’s 11-year-old history.


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