Mumbai Based Businessman Offers Special Help To Martyrs’ Families

The Recent Pulwama Tragic Incident took the nation of India by a heartbreaking shock. We as a nation lost 40 of our Brave CRPF Jawans, not on the battlefield but were taken by surprise, which stated to be a Ter***ist att**k. Soon after the incident happened, the JeM Ter***ist group has claimed full responsibility for the incident. Not one person was going to remain calm on this regard. We had our retaliatory measures and gave a befitting reply to them.


In the course of events, we all know about our Wing Commander capture and release. Well, that one is a huge sigh of relief to the Indians. But, the families who have lost their beloved are still suffering the loss of the loved one. The national government has started a fundraiser in the name of the lost lives, Bharat Ke Veer.

Help is pouring in from various parts of the nation to the fund dedicated to the lost lives of CRPF Jawans in the Pulwama Tragedy. One such help amongst them comes from this Mumbai based Businessman named, Murtaza A Hamid. What is new about this businessman here, is this mail of his addressed to the PMO.


The details of the Email are absolutely true to every word. The 44-year-old Murtaza has promised to donate Rs110 Crores from his Taxable income to the fund of the Pulwama Martyrs’ Families. He has sought the help of the Prime Minister in this regard to pushing forward the funds to the receivers.

Murtaza hails from the famous Kota of Rajasthan. He is visually impaired since birth. He graduated from the Government Commerce College, Kota and is now working as a Scientist and a Researcher in Mumbai city. Talking about his immense contribution he says so.


” The inspiration to help and support those who lay down their lives for our motherland should be in the blood of every citizen of the country”.

Being a researcher and a scientist Murtaza has made a new Scientific Innovation. It is the use of ‘ Fuel Burn Radiation Technology’ in tracing and locating any kind of vehicle even without a GPS Tracker, camera footage or any other such tracking device.


Furthermore, talking about this innovation, he says that if and only if this innovation of his was timely recognised by the Indian Government, and put to use in our systems, then we would have by a notable percentage avoid the Pulwama Tragedy.

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