MS Dhoni Makes Sure Our National Flag Doesn’t Touch The Ground

MS Dhoni is known for his down to earth simple nature. He goes many steps further in proving he has much more in him. He truly is a man with a golden heart. Many around the world are huge fans of him and our Indian cricket team. He has got a vast fan following and it is not shocking what these fans do to get a glimpse of their hero cricketer. From getting all the seats at the stadium to watch him play, to running through the security to meet him on the pitch.

dhoni national flag

Yes, we have seen many cricket fans do this when they are ecstatic after seeing their hero so close but still so far. But, that barricade of security at the pitch does not stop many to jump through it. The ‘New Zealand vs India’ match the third of the T20I series was where it all happened.

dhoni national flag 3

A fan amongst the thousands present there broke the security barrier and came rushing towards his idol on the pitch. It was Dhoni’s first innings and he was on the pitch and at his stumps, as usual, getting ready for batting. The fan had our Indian National Flag in his hand when he came running.

dhoni national flag 1

As soon as he saw his idol hero Dhoni, the fan fell to his knees and bent to touch Dhoni’s feet. At this time the Tri-colour Indian flag was about to touch the ground and might have also been touched Dhoni’s feet along with the fan. But it was at this time Dhoni’s quick thinking caught hold of the flag before letting it touch the ground.

Dhoni held it in his hands all along the fan was busy touching his feet and sort of seemed to wipe Dhoni’s shoes with his ‘kurta’. Dhoni did not let the flag down and was about to take the fan aside, but the fan ran from the pitch, as the security guards were approaching him.

dhoni national flag 2

The fan did not seem to care about the security guards, nor the consequences after they have caught him. He was just elated and happy that he has seen his hero in real life, in his batting attire, on the pitch and in the stadium of thousands. The video of the whole scene is going viral and people are just so happy to have considered Dhoni, as their true idol.

Later in the match, Dhoni’s presence could not bag India the required runs to beat New Zealand, and India lost the match bu just four runs.

(Watch the video here)


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