‘MPs Worse Than School Kids’ Says Speaker Of Lok Sabha

Another Session of the Lok Sabha got adjourned soon as it began. It was dismissed totally for the day after Members of Parliament created a ruckus in the house. Both the opposition and treasury benches have created disruptions in the house. To which the Speaker of the House, Sumitra Mahajan remarked against the MP’s calling them, “Worse than school kids”.

The speaker often gets such analogous comparisons about the Parliament Sessions. She did for a while during the argumentative session, feel that they might even be true. Schools function better than this, was the thought, running in her mind and she spoke her mind at the Meeting.

The first session was adjourned at noon, which was overturned and the House got reassembled post-noon session. Even then, there was nothing better than what the fore-noon session has seen. The last week’s session was also similar to this, with loud arguments taking place.

All this mess had started when the ‘Rafale Deal’ was demanded to be further studied by the Comptroller and Auditor General, even after the Supreme Court had given a clean chit. The shouts and slogans on this particular issue were mainly done by Congress, who were also demanding a Joint Parliamentary Committee(JPC).

Telugu Desam Party from Andhra Pradesh had other demands. The promises of a Special Status to the State were not been fulfilled and the members have held a restive protest. Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK members too were protesting and sloganeering for their ‘Cauvery River Issue’. Both the times, the session ended in protests.

Sumitra Mahajan tried her best to maintain the dignity of the House by trying even harder to get the bills done. She has even warned the Ministers about the effects of such actions on the upcoming Elections. She stormed at them saying, “It is not sending a good message outside. I have heard from people from abroad asking what is happening in the Indian Parliament”.

Amidst all this, the Minister of State for Corporate Affairs, Mr P P Chaudhary, has managed to introduce the National Institute of Design (Amendment) Bill, 2018. Which was soon followed by BJP and Congress members who each demanded an apology to PM Narendra Modi and Congress President Rahul Gandhi respectively.

The Speaker is heard saying, “Parliament is for debate and discussion, but this is not the way… We have a responsibility. We have to maintain the Standard of the Parliament”.

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