Minister Insults IAS Officer In Front Of Her Juniors, Caught On Camera

When the whole world was celebrating the New Year of 2019, women in the State of Kerala have stood together to promote their equal status. Called it “Women’s Wall” or “Vanitha Mathil”. This was organised so to “Protect the Renaissance Values”. On the morning of January 1st, 2019, World had a new beginning, Kerala on the other hand, had a ‘Mini-Revolution’. But in the same state of Kerala, an IAS Officer was insulted on camera.

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The Communist Party of India (M) Leader of the ‘Devikulam’ constituency was recorded on camera making remarks on the district Sub-collector. The minister named S Rajendran was present at the place named Idukki. When searched on the internet, this place offers great scenery and a nice spot for tourism.

The same place Idukki unknown to many and only known to few is infamous for illegal constructions, land grabbers, and illicit encroachments. In one such a drive the Sub-collector has warned and seized a building for being constructed further. A ‘Stop Memo’ has been issued by the Sub-collector.

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 The Minister who was present there with her juniors, in the absence of her has said, ” It’s for the first time that the government is asking for an explanation from the government itself. I have not seen such over smart people before. Building rules are to be seen by the panchayat. Not by her. She needs to study and learn. Such people without any common sense and brains are sent here“.

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The left-wing legislator calling an IAS Officer “brainless” and “without common sense”, were very derogatory. The video went viral and to this, the young officer of the 2015 batch, named Renu Raj did not flinch. She is the First Woman Sub-collector for the Devikulam District.

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The 30-year-old officer then retaliated with her response which has a huge backing for her said actions. ” The high court has sent me a directive to file a report in relation to this particular construction, which is now a contempt of court. I have also filed reports with the chief secretary and the revenue secretary on the violation of court order as well as the opposition I faced for doing my duty”. 

” Despite how the MLA behaved in front of my officers, I have received tremendous support from my seniors, from the media and political leaders. I am certain I have done the right thing. I will continue to do my duty, in accordance with my post, no matter what it takes”. 

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