Medical Surgical Devices From Pakistan No More In Indian Market

Medical-surgical devices consist of Scissors, cutters, very sharp instruments(scalpels etc), fine needles, forceps, and all the variety of scopes used. About Eighty per cent of the surgical devices in the field of medicine are of these type. The major share of our Indian use of these surgical devices comes from Pakistani Suppliers. Now with the recent restrictions being implemented after the Pulwama Incident, the devices are devoid of a huge market source.surgical devices 3

Sialkot in the nation of Pakistan is the major supplier of such medical-surgical instruments to the Indian Healthcare Industry as a whole. Compared to the European market of the supply of the same device the Pakistani items are 60% cheaper in their rates.

The Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMed) has put forward its words and requests to the Department of Pharmaceuticals and the Department of Industrial Policy. In its forward and the main agenda, the AIMed has asked for measures to Indigenously produce and promote the items.

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It suggested many measures to stop the imports from Pakistan and asked the Government to boost the Domestic Manufacturing of the required surgical devices. Not only the Healthcare Industry in India but even Europe, United States and China opt for the Pakistani Source.

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Talking about this market and the Demand Supply scenario, a Surgical Device supplier from the city of Hyderabad had this to say, ” For the Indian Healthcare Industry to compete in this price-sensitive scenario, the government funding and also research and development will be required. This would require funds and facilities to be created”.

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Furthermore, he says, ” Earlier in the states of Punjab and West Bengal there were industries which took up the works but the competition made them import from Pakistan and change labels to service the Indian Industry. The price is the key to survive in the market”.

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