Mark Zuckerberg Takes Out Directly On Apple’s Tim Cook

In an official, long blog post by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, he has targeted Apple’s, Tim Cook. Before which, Tim Cook pointed out that Facebook uses its users’ private information to understand and advertise better. In the middle of several cases and lawsuits against Facebook, Mark felt really offended by those words. He indirectly asks his employees to not use iPhones anymore. 

Security to Privacy

The constant criticisms from the Apple CEO were very hurting. The Privacy Issue was a really big thing and Facebook is trying to rectify its mistakes amongst so much chaos. Earlier allegations on the working process of Facebook Social Network were always denied. This simple ideological clash is healthy for the better growth of companies, but just thrashing them with utmost harshness is not.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was very upset. He explains himself in a very long blog that he does not misuse user information. Then targets Tim Cook by saying, “We’ve long encouraged our employees and executives to use Android because it is the most popular operating system in the world”.


At a court hearing for breach of data lawsuit

Apple’s Opinion

Tim Cook’s views were also valid if we look into them. Google and Facebook use the User’s data and choices in creating advertisements. For Example: If a person searches for scented candles in google search and looks at options to buy them from various websites, Google then registers this information. The next time the person is on Facebook or any other website just browsing, they would encounter Ads regarding scented candles everywhere.

We all have noticed the above Activity-based Suggestions both on Facebook and Google. If not, then have a keen eye the next time. Apple’s CEO had appreciated European Data Policy which is very strict with the Internet Companies. It is good to have similar suggestions based on our browsing history and internet activity. But, the threat to privacy is not as good.

Android in Majority

Mark being amidst such scenarios where the statements are “not at all aligned with the truth”, takes out big on Apple by deciding not to use their gadgets. According to a statistical report, Android has the highest OS (mobile and tablets) market share at 71.18%. And Apple’s iOS is at a distant second position with 26.05%.

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