Man Throws Chilli Powder At Delhi CM At Secretariat

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal was attacked by a man at the Secretariat. The man bent over to touch the CM’s feet, in a move to object such gesture, Kejriwal’s face was covered with chili powder. The man rose up and threw the power at the CM’s face. He was immediately taken under control by the guards.

Extra Chili

As the Delhi CM was leaving the Secretariat building for a lunch break between 2:10 pm and 2:15 pm in the afternoon. The attacker was later identified as Anil Kumar Sharma was taken into custody. Sharma was a resident of an area named Naraina. He was waiting for the AAP Leader outside the building.

The moment the attacker saw the CM, he bowed down to touch his feet. He was heard saying these before he bent down, “Aap hi se umeed hai”, translates to “You are my only hope”. Sharma had both of his hands filled. One hand had a letter and a handful of chili powder in the other. He had packed the chili powder in a ‘gutka packet’.

Security Issue

An AAP spokesperson named Raghav Chadha had criticized the Police on this matter. “Today just the CM’s glasses fell to the floor and broke, it is still an unacceptable security lapse nonetheless. Imagine if the attacker were to be wielding a more dangerous weapon. Who could have prevented a tragedy from occurring?”.

Followed by Tweets saying, “Serious security lapses from Delhi Police. Even the Chief Minister is not safe in Delhi”. Things not going right in Delhi, and the elected are also clueless of what to be done. If that is the attention the CM and his Ministers are giving to themselves, the commoners are surely in for a more serious damage.

The attacker

Similar Attacks

Continuing to criticize their constituency and government on previous attacks on Arvind Kejriwal, they gave out earlier incident details. Ink, shoes, slippers, and fists were also thrown at him in the past.

AAP’s national spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj added and alleged, “BJP’s Central government has created an atmosphere where anti-social elements are being instigated and promoted to attack CM Kejriwal.

Watch the video here:

The attackers know they will get protection”. The Centre might be mighty, but the state is still under the control of the State’s Government. Who are at fault here? Just a blame game.

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