Man Smashes His Samsung Phone After Being Fed Up With The Poor Services

It is no exaggeration to say that Smartphones took over humanity, and it is pretty much clear that there are more smartphones in this world than the whole population itself. Statistics being considered, India occupies a major share in this. It all started with the smartphones brand Samsung, and Indians definitely stopped minding about spending a good amount to buy a decent phone.

The mobile manufacturers are coming up with new models on a regular basis in order to attract customers and their sales team is always charged up for selling phones. However sadly, the same enthusiasm and zeal disappear when a person needs service from these mobile companies after purchasing a phone.

There is no doubt that patience is the key when someone is required to deal with the customer care executives of any company as sometimes they are not even aware of the procedures of their organization while at other times, they are not properly supported by the companies.

Samsung is a big brand name when it comes to mobile market but they were not able to handle the complaint of the person in the video in a proper manner and in reaction, what the customer did was totally unexpected. The customer bought a Samsung A7 mobile for Rs. 21,000 but there was some problem with the handset and he was promised a replacement or refund within 7 days by the customer care. Nevertheless, even after 15 days, the customer didn’t get what he was promised and this made him so angry that he broke his handset in the customer care office.

Watch the video here:

सैमसंग care की service से दुखी कस्टमर ने अपना न्यू फोन 21000 Rs का तोड़ दिया 😲😲😳😳

Posted by Narwana HR-32 on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

This frustrated common man then took to Facebook by posting a video, he spoke about what happened with him and then he threw the mobile phone over the counter after breaking it. Well, customer care can be horrific sometimes and he is not alone who is suffering; there must be many such customers, the only difference being that not everyone has the guts to break their mobiles.


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