Mall Asks Mother To Breastfeed In The Toilet, She Is Outraged: Kolkata

Imagine thinking about eating food in the toilet. The statement itself is very disgusting. A Mother of a seven-month-old was asked to breastfeed her daughter in a toilet. This happened in the South City Mall, Kolkata.


The new mother took her infant daughter to a reputed mall in Kolkata named, South City Mall. The mall has a huge footfall at all times and even more in the evenings. We are all aware of the state of toilets and washrooms in such public places. They might be maintained clean, but not to the extent that they are eating friendly.

Breastfeeding a baby is a basic, simple routine in the life of a baby and the mother. The new mother is made to roam around the mall with a crying distressed infant for half-an-hour. She could not find an appropriate place to feed her baby. At last a clothing store offered her their trial room to feed and change diapers. Thanking them, the mother decided to take it to Facebook on the issue.

On the Mall’s Facebook wall, the mother posted a review saying, “There is no place to breastfeed… on top of it, your staff “. She left the issue there for their acknowledgement. Shockingly this was the mall’s response to her.

“Funny you found this to be an issue because breastfeeding is not allowed on the floor for a number of reasons. In case of an emergency we can make arrangements to help someone but certainly, this big place that we have is meant for shopping, so with all due respect madam please make sure you do your home chores at your home and not in the mall or at least plan it beforehand.

“It is not like your baby needs to be breastfed at any moment so you need arrangements to be made for you at any public area to breastfeed your child anywhere you wish to? We  cannot compromise the privacy of other people in public places can we?

They have immediately set up a baby centre at the mall.

Following which the Mall Management apologised and deleted the post. They have hurriedly set up a new baby care room after social media attack.

“We once again clarify that South City tries to take care of the smallest requirement a patron would need at the mall at any time. It is our agent who, without knowing the facts, made such a comment in response to the feedback of our patron and we tender our unconditional apology for the same. We never intend(ed) to hurt anyone’s sentiment or (show) disrespect “.

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