‘Lord Hanuman Was A Dalit, United All Corners Of India’, CM Adityanath

The elections have struck a chord really hard on all the politicians. Their campaigning techniques are very creative. From renaming famous cities to making weird promises. This time its UP CM Adityanath. He had a great example to give to the citizens.

Mr CM was recently seen addressing a rally in favour of a BJP candidate in the constituency of Alwar’s Malpura assembly seat. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath went on to call the Hindu God ‘Lord Hanuman’ a ‘Dalit’. Linking religion and the created social stratification, with the Epics of the land, is entirely a new phenomenon.

The interlinking does not stop here. The view is now shifted to Politics. How we might wonder. This is how.  The UP CM then continued saying that “all of us must have a resolution like Lord Hanuman”. On behalf of the BJP, the candidate contesting the elections there was, Ram Kishan. In whose support the Chief Minister himself has landed his speeches.

While addressing the voters to vote for the respected party to bring about change in the country, CM Adityanath went on to state the example of Lord Hanuman. In his words, “we must have a ‘Bajrangi’ (one like Lord Hanuman) resolution in making the BJP candidate win in the area, for development”.

Honorary CM Adityanath praised the Lord saying that “Hanuman himself is a resident of the forest, who is also a Dalit and is excluded from the society, as per the Indian folklore”. Furthermore, “the whole Indian community from “north to south and east to west”, is united, “thanks to Lord Hanuman”,”. That means it was Lord Hanuman who united the semi-peninsula, India.

“Therefore, we must have the resolution of Lord Hanuman. We must not rest until the work of Lord Ram is done”. Were his very words to ensure votes to BJP, in the constituency of Rajasthan State. He seems to be invoking all the religious sentiments of people in pursuing them to vote for the ‘lotus’ sign, in the upcoming polls.

This happening was in a very remote village in Alwar, officially registered under the Scheduled Caste and Schedules Tribes area. It is thus a reserved seat.

(Watch the video here)

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