Law Defying Protesters Justice, A New Form Of Fear In The Nation

The Supreme Law of the Land, our Indian Constitution is made not only on the basis of Easy Functioning of the Government and the Nation but also envisions the Country as a Land Of Justice. The citizens of the country are opined to be the abiding ones.

Working in groups, united in our diversity, we are supposed to represent the country in good form. But, defying the law, and taking matters into the hands of the Mob is not just. Dispensing the justice, without a fair trial, acquitting the presumed perpetrator without a procedure is on the rise.

Lynching In India

Back in the days where India did not have a solid document to stick to, this ‘Mob Violence’ can be estimated. But, after so many years of development and in the era where the World is moving into the Universe, this is just shameful. In a recent incident, in the district of Bulandshahr of Uttar Pradesh, police officials were outnumbered by the villagers and countered with bullets.

Inspector Subodh Kumar who was the chief in Dadri Lynching, killed in Bulandhshahr Mob violence.

The death of an Inspector and many others in earlier times is not the justice India wants. The silent treatment to these killings in the name of  ‘Mob Justice’ by the Government of the State and the Centre is giving rise to many suspicions. Inflicting terror in the name of Religion, now no more a threat from outside.

Holy Vs Unholy

What was always considered holy, is now backed by all unholy practices. India is a secular nation, for a reason. Trying to rewrite the ambitions of the Constitution makers who had high expectations on this budding nation is not recommended. Crime violence on Police officials and fellow citizens as a retaliation for justice on Cow-Slaughter should not be given a blind eye.

Ever since the Gau Rakshaks and Dals have emerged, killings without trial and parallel probes on both humans and cows alike have begun. Their sentiments have become so strong, that they go to any level to teach a lesson. Where is the role of Law Enforcement here? People are made to lose hope and faith in Law and Order. Encashing the rage.

These incidents are not invisible anymore, they are videotaped and are on air. The blind eye is not coincidental, looks like all the scenes are well enacted. The vision of today’s leaders is wavering. Unity in Diversity is severely compromised.

(Watch Video Here)

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