Kingfisher Baron Vijay Mallya Offers Full Payment To Indian Banks

Kingfisher Airlines and Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya on Twitter, posted so offering the Indian Banks all 100% he is due. He has appealed openly to all the banks to come forward and accept the payments. This open appeal and apology come days ahead of UK’s decision on his banish plea.

Mallya has escaped from the Indian law by fleeing to The United Kingdom after he was bound to be arrested and tried, in the loan case. He has appealed to the UK Court to not to send him back to India, the country which the crime was done.

The fugitive baron is on bail since April of last year, and on an extradition warrant in the UK. This was after his initial arrest on the charges of Fraud and Money Laundering worth of Rs. 9,000 Crores.

In similar series of tweets, he reasoned out his inability to pay the loan and his shameful act of fleeing from the country evading the course of law. His reason for his loss of payment was due to high airline fuel prices.

“Airlines struggling financially partly because of high ATF prices. Kingfisher was a fab airline that faced the highest ever crude prices of $140/barrel. Losses mounted and that’s where Banks money went. I have offered to repay 100 per cent of the principal amount to them. Please take it “.

To which the Airline’s Ex-employee replies.

The Kingfisher Kingpin, also claims that his Liquor company, The United Breweries, has contributed thousands of crores to the State’s exchequers. The company is still contributing crores in the same field.

“Politicians and the media are constantly talking loudly about my being a defaulter who has run away with PSU Bank money. All this is false. Why don’t I get fair treatment and the same loud noise about my comprehensive settlement offer before the Karnataka High Court”.

An Account with the same Twitter handle details, but a parody of the original has tweeted a really funny reply.


To his Twitter woes, people are responding, giving him suggestions.

Mallya’s extradition trial is expected at the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London this December 10th of 2018. His honestly looking attempts are not getting public sympathy nor a soft side of the Government.

Now with his defunct Airlines and an upcoming appeal decision by a foreign court is frightening the escapee. May the verdict be in Justice’s Favour.

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