Israel Student Was On Video Call With Her Sister When Attacked

Recently a horrifying incident took place in Bundoora, Australia, that shook everyone who came to know about the news, with horror and rage. An Israel student was brutally attacked while she was on a video call with her sister. The attack harmed her so much so that the girl could not survive that.  21-year-old Aiia Maasarwe who had come to Australia to study at LaTrobe University had the least idea of what could happen to her in such a short period of time. The student was returning from the university’s main campus to her apartment when the disheartening episode took place.

The victim’s uncle claimed that Aiia was on a video call with her sister when she was attacked. “Her sister was on the phone with her, she was on FaceTime, and she heard what happened. The phone has fallen down, but she heard the voices over the phone,” said her uncle Rame Maasarwe. Detective inspector Andrew Stamper appeals that the victim’s sister tried contacting her back but all in vain, and consequently she called the police.

Watch the video here:

“We were pretty certain that she was actually involved in a conversation with her sister, who is overseas, at the time that the attack actually took place,” Mr Stamper stated.

“The contact that we got [from Maasarwe’s sister] was at about 7 am in the morning, which coincidently was pretty much was at exactly the same time as the deceased was located,” he continued. “We believe that she has got off the tram at the intersection of Plenty Road and Main Drive, at the Polaris shopping centre, and then it would be a short walk of less than 50m to the place on the pavement where we believe the attack commenced.”

Without detailing much about the attack, Detective inspector said, “I don’t want to go into specifics out of respect for the family and also it’s early days in the investigation … but all I will say is this was a horrific attack.”


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