Isha Ambani To Move Into Rs. 450 Crore Bungalow Post Marriage

The costliest wedding is all over the internet. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal’s wedding preparations are on the go. Their new bungalow is undergoing construction. After the wedding, Isha is going to move into the place with her fiance Anand.

Piramal Family Bungalow

The bungalow is into the iconic Gulita building in Worli, Mumbai. The parents of Anand Piramal gifted this house to the couple to be. Swati and Ajay Piramal were very happy seeing the construction and the building getting into form. The Piramal family acquired this Bungalow in a bid conducted by Hindustan Unilever Limited in 2012. The HUL had its Training centre here. The cost of which is over Rs. 450 Crore of Rupees.

The new bungalow for the Bride and the Groom, under remodelling


Built across a spread of 50,000 square feet in area, the heavy house is very much awaited for. According to India Today Reports, their house will have five floors. It is being constructed in order to face the Arabian Sea and not the city of Mumbai. Oceanic View Bungalow.

The Antilia, Home of the Ambanis

The Home, as they call it, has plans to have quite a variety of features. Such as basement lawns, outdoor waterbodies, circular study rooms etc. And also features the common dining halls, dressing rooms and lounging areas. The collection of Exorbitant rooms is currently under the process of remodelling.

The Ambani-Piramal wedding is planned to take place at the Antilia. Wondering what it might be? It is the name given to Amban’s Present Residence. It happens to be the Tallest Residence in India and the Second Most costliest Residence or Real Estate property next to the England Queen’s Buckingham Palace.

The home for Isha Ambani’s parents and her two brothers along with their grandmother.

If the scenes and plans of their wedding are so unreal and high-priced, their wedding invitation is also no less. It was a designer box, with many fold mysteries in it while opening. The Couple’s Initials are engraved on it ‘IA’. Isha and Anand.

Check out the few pics here:

Wishing their marriage stays in such extravagance!

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