INS Arihant, India’s Nuclear Submarine is now ready for action

India’s first indigenously made Nuclear Submarine, INS Arihant has successfully completed its first Deterrence Patrol. This feat completes our Indian Nuclear Triad i.e., nuclear launch from

  • Land – Agni Ballistic Missile,
  • Air – Mirage 2000’s and now
  • Sea – the most vigorous, INS Arihant

Arihant, the Annihilator :

The word Arihant translates to ‘Annihilator of Enemies’. It is our very own Nuclear Submarine. It is the only wing of operation that is difficult to detect. This submarine is designed to have minimal underwater resistance to go undetected. It is fully and completely operational in all the tropics. This particular Nuclear Submarine (Nuke Sub for short) is well equipped with Inter-operability feature of the Navy and its components.

INS Arihant, is the first of 3 nuclear powered submarines we planned for. The next one named INS Aridhaman aka INS Arighat is said to be delivered by 2018. The three nuke subs are being constructed under the most secretive ATV Programme (Advance Technology Vessel) which began in the 1990’s. Currently we are already using the Russian origin INS Chakra, which we took on lease for 10 years in 2012. Our nuke sub is made based on Russia’s Akula-1 class submarine.

  • INS Arihant was launched in Visakhapatnam in 2009
  • Its nuclear reactor was in ‘critical’ condition in 2013
  • After undergoing several repairs and improvements it was ready for stealth operation in 2016
  • Its first Deterrence Trial was successfully run in 2018

The 100 member crew of the sub has been trained by  Russian specialists and Guided by Indian Nuclear Experts. Nuclear submarines are not the same as normal submarines in their function and capacity. They can endure much worse situations and can stay for a much longer duration under the sea.

Active Nukes in and around us :

Our Scorpene and Nuclear Submarines are an important investment because of the presence of Chinese Navy is in our Indian Ocean. Its naval fleet is much superior than ours. Their 60 Diesel subs, few nuke subs and few nuke ballistic subs are under operation near us.

Other top Nuclear Powered Nations are:

  1. US – 70+ Nuclear Submarines
  2. Russia – approximately 30
  3. France and UK10 + 12

Compared to the missile ranges of China, US and Russia which stand at over 5,000 km, our Indian missile range is low, at 750km and 3,500km. We are at a starting stage in getting a notable safe place among the nuclear powered.


Though India is a Peaceful Nation on the Global front, we are constantly and indirectly blackmailed of being attacked. This move we made was a retaliation to those statements. We are not the first ones to attack, and all our weapons technology is controlled based on Defending and shielding.

Stealth Progress :

Days before the September 2016 Uri Terrorist Attack, INS Arihant was put into service in the sea. On the basis of achievement we have made a huge one, but a nuclear submarine is always a Top Secret. Though Indians are very much anticipated in seeing the sub, it can not be put up for display. The sub’s whereabouts are kept in deep secrecy, the details of which are not known to the Navy itself. The operation and execution is controlled by the Prime Minister’s Office and other operating and designing involved Defense agencies. And so we can never see the submarine ever, but it would be there in the sea watching over us through the waters. Proud Moment!!!

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