Indian Single Time Zone Is Damaging Indian Lives: Needs Change

Indian Standard Time follows the Greenwich Meridian Time being ahead of Five and a half hours, IST= GMT+5.30 Hours. Well, that is a widely known fact. Arunachal Pradesh is the state of India which receives the First Sunrise of the Nation. For about an hour or so the State of Gujarat receives its Sunrise of the day. This hour or so difference can cause quite many effects in the lives of Indian citizens.

indian time zone

Sunrise over the clouds

Two different sunrise and sunset timings, one of the Eastern-most and the other of the Westernmost. But a universal timezone, where the whole of India irrespective of the time of sleep and the time of rising, should adjust according to this single time zone.

According to some studies, this irregular setting of our clocks with a difference in more than an hour can affect our Biological clocks or the Circadian Rhythm. The British era in the Indian nation had set this single Time Zone for India to mark the unity of our nation.

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First Sunrise in Arunachal Pradesh

But, the same time zone in the present era is not much feasible. As the irregularity in the mechanical clocks would alter our Biological clocks. Lack of sleep, a decline in quality deep sleep especially tot he pooer lot of the nation and the children of our country.

The supporters who argue that India needs a second time Zone say that it would help the nation be more productive. As the change would help the younger generation especially from the poorer economic background in having better sleep and better performance in the day.

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First Sunrise in Gujarat

Mr Jagnani who has studied the Demographics, Health and the education of children keeping in mind the effect of sunrise and sleep. He says, ” This might be because sleep environments among poor households are associated with noise, heat, mosquitoes, overcrowding, and overall uncomfortable physical conditions“.

Furthermore adding to this he says, “ The poor may lack the financial resources to invest in sleep-inducing goods like window shades, separate rooms, indoor beds and adjust their sleep schedules. In addition, poverty may have psychological consequences like stress, negative affective states, and an increase in cognitive load that can affect decision-making”. 

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The experts suggest two time zones they are, UTC+5 Hours for Western India and UTC+6 Hours for Eastern India. Assam tea-estates have already moved their time zones according to their place in an Informal way. This change would create confusion in the Railways and other means of transport and communication and is being studied upon.

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