Indian Climate Change Commitment Comes From Vedas: PM Modi

The recent G-20 Summit which was the Thirteenth such G-20 meeting was held in the Argentinian City of Buenos Aires, in the continent of South America. It is the first such meeting held in South America. The host country Argentina has held over 45 meetings at various government levels and in 11 different cities throughout the country.

Indian PM Narendra Modi and the present United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres spoke on the lines of Climate Change and India’s support to Paris Climate Change Agreement. Speaking on the matter, PM Narendra Modi emphasized on the Roots of Hinduism, i.e. The Vedas to be the reason for strong commitment. 

Earlier on the eve of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary on October 2nd, UN Chief Antonio Guterres has visited India. It was a three-day visit when Antonio met Modi and presented him with the ‘United Nations Champions of the Earth Award’ for Policy Leadership for the year 2018.

At a press conference held by the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, UN Chief was asked about the role of religions in Climate Change. To which Antonio responds by saying, “It’s not only Christianity, I was speaking to Prime Minister [Narendra] Modi of India recently and asking him what was his motivation for his very strong commitment to climate action and he said it’s in the Vedas, the founding books of Hinduism. I think this is felt in all religions”.

Earlier at the Paris Summit On Climate Change, all the countries who have attended spoke and discussed on the hazards of Development measures. The world leaders who attended the meet collectively agreed on keeping the Global Temperatures stable. The rise in the temperatures annually is to be kept at its low.

Monday’s Poland Meet was to discuss how to achieve the stability of temperature, collectively. Earlier The Pope has also given his views regarding climate change. In his words, ” he called for a ‘revolution’ to combat climate change… the consensus was clear and doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain”.

Citing various alarming numbers, UN Chief has said, “The climate change is a matter of life and death for many people, nations and countries of the world, and that science is telling us we need to move faster”. He further gave the UN Reports on Global Hazards and urged the nations to get their act together and pace up their ambitions.

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