India to Nepal Passenger train likely to run from this December

We all are familiar with the concept of international flights, but ever heard of an international rail? The thought of which is amusing to imagine, but things are taking form soon. The roadways and railways are known to penetrate into hills and gorges. They are now being used to connect nations altogether. One such recent development is the railway line from India to Nepal. Its details are as follows.

International Railway Line :

The idea of such a railway line in India actually came up after China’s efforts to establish a railway line from China to Kathmandu in Nepal. Just then, Nepal’s Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli visited India in April,2018. India took this to its advantage, cleared out misunderstandings and mistrusts with Nepal. In this process of building and strengthening mutual trust, the idea of revamping the British Era Railway connection conceptualised.

Indian railways nepal to india

Talks began,several meetings amongst The Ministry of External Affairs,The Ministry of Railways, Government of Nepal and other related organisations were held. The train from Jayanagar in Bihar to Kurtha in Dhanusa district of Nepal is set on track.

Story of the Track :

The first trial train is planned to be a passenger train along the 34 km stretch. Later in the years, plans to introduce goods or freight are also under consideration. The broad guage track is said to be a restored and reconstructed version of an earlier track. The earlier railway line that existed in along this stretch was of British Era. A flood 15 yrs ago swept away most of it and the tracks were left unattented and unutilised.

The revamping and reconstruction of the left over tracks would cost us Rs. 5.5 billion in Indian Currency or Rs. 8.8 billion in Nepalese currency(1 INR = 1.60 NPR, Nepalese Rupee). So, the plan will be executed in three phases. ( 34km + 18km + 17km = 69km in total) Sharing of resources between the nations has taken place. Of the total 69 km, only a minuscule of 3 km falls under our Indian Territory. The First Phase of 34 km is likely to start running from December 2018.

Timings and Tickets :

Four trips of 8 to 16 hour shifts are being planned by the Nepalese authorities and Railways. Tickets will be sold through both an Unreserved Ticketing System as well as a Passenger Reservation System. The systems to be finalised and executed by the Railways. Hope this makes for more such relations with Nepal as well as other nations. Looks like the foreign trips were becoming beneficial !!!

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