India Soon To Have Its Own Standard Clothing Size: Smriti Irani

We in India commonly follow the United Kingdom’s shoe sizes and their apparel sizes as our own. The various brands covering various countries have their own sizes and it is often very confusing for us Indian to conclude which size one is. One company has our size in one number and the other has our size in another category. We are faced with issues of constantly converting them into inches and centimetres to measure them to our convenience.

Indian clothing sizes

But this hassle is going to be no more. India is all set to get its own size and measurements in its garments and apparels. The clothing lines of US, UK and other European nations which hover majorly in India are to administer these changes in their sizes accordingly.

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Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani while talking at the Textile Conclave at the city of Gandhinagar, as part of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit declared this apparel news. Studies to assess our typical Indian sizes and their commonality is going on.

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“One of India’s biggest challenges in apparel exports is that unlike the UK, the US and Europe that have a country-specific size, India does not have one. The government will soon roll out a size India projected across the country. This will be the first of its kind in the country’s history”, says the Union Minister.

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The studies which will later conclude on this matters will be directed to the Centre and they will be the ones finalising it. A statistical study also follows with a view on the Domestic demand to further frame and solidify textile policies. Talking about the Indian overseas demand she says so.

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“A study has never been carried out to ascertain the strength and magnitude of our domestic market. The government of India will soon embark upon a statistical study to categorize the entire domestic demand of the Indian Market so that it becomes a base for policy creation and to further strengthen industry and manufacturing possibilities”.

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