India Is The Third Largest Carbon Emitter In The World, China At The Top

Carbon emissions are on an alarming surge globally. Their pace is catching up the speeds our trains are. The deterioration of the climate on this basis is getting severe by the day. According to a recent report by Global Companies, India is the third largest Carbon emissions, with 37.1 billion tonnes of Carbon-di-oxide in 2018.

Climate Reports

The numbers have been on the rise since 2017. Before which in the years of 2014-2016, the emissions were little to very minimal. From 2017, the rise of Indian emission rate in 2017 was 6.3 % whereas the global rate was at 2.7 %. In a second time in a row, our contribution remains high. Use of coal, oil and gas resources for fueling our industries a reason for the continuous rise.

United Nations Climate Change Conference which is buzzing the world, has 190 participatory countries discussing to cut the emissions. The global meet up to stop Global Warming from worsening is not the end of the line. Working together to electrify the industries, through other renewable resources, and having electrically run transport systems is the main solution.

Listed Nations

Travelling long and travelling on personal transport can be the first platform for a change. A collective effort from all the nations can only be the force to tackle the Global issue. The top ten contributors of Greenhouse gas emissions are China, US, India, Russia, Japan, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Canada.

The United States was in total denial of the phenomenon of Global Warming, yet it contributes 15 % of the global total. Till the year 2018, their emissions were at low. China is the top contributor with 27% of its share.

Reports By EIA organisation

Experts say,

Professor of Climate Change Science and Policy at the University of East Anglia (UEA) says “We are seeing a strong growth of global CO2 emissions once again. Emissions need to peak and rapidly decrease to address climate change. With this year’s growth in emissions, it looks like the peak is not yet in sight”.

Global warming and the alarming rise in global temperatures annually are still of lesser state than the numbers in 2013. If this emission rate continues there is a higher risk of severe calamities. Nature will interfere and take its evolutionary course.

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