India Donates Rs.96.37 Crores to the United Nations Fund

India is the Charter member of the United Nations. It also among the original member in 1944, participating in all of UN’s specialised agencies and organisations since then. India leads in the Troop contributions to the UN Peacekeeping Efforts. This time in 2018, India has donated Rs.96.37 Crores ($13.36 million dollars) to the UN’s Agencies and Development Activities.

India UN Fund

UN Pledging Conference,2018

The United Nations Organisation conducts an annual contributing conference for donations to its various Development Activities and other works of importance. India, has been a regular contributer since it believes that “optimum resources are the necessary resources”. 2017’s contributions were Rs.2,878 Cr. An increase is seen in this year’s contributions as 19 countries pledged their funds. Rs.3,071 Cr was the total this year,2018.

The Top Five of India’s Contributions go to:

  1. UN Relief & Works Agency for Near East= Rs.36 Cr
  2. UN Development Program= Rs.32.46 Cr
  3. World Food Program= Rs.14 Cr
  4. UN Children’s Fund= Rs.5.4 Cr
  5. UN Population Fund= Rs.4 Cr

The list is not exhaustive but very valid. Apart from the above, separate contributions to various voluntary organisations for Rescue of Contemporary Slaves, Victims of Tortures etc are made.

Customised Funding

In a recent observation it is seen that the contributions are more for Humanitarian Assistance rather than for Development Activities. The true cause for the establishment of the United Nations i.e. Humanity and Peace are being more focused on. A clear 65% increase in such contributions unlike the earlier 10% shows the mindset of the nations.

In fact there lies another reason for this increase in percentage. Majority of the funds which are donated for development activities are put aside for all the other committed and fixed UN works. Only about 25% of them are being utilised for the said purpose. In order to overcome this, the nations decided to fund the Development Activities separately and prioritize them in the general pledging process. And so, a due significance is given to the Humanitarian Works to avoid extra fund allocation.

If the human aiding works are given better resources, then there would not be any need for protruding into the development allocations. Furthermore, India and the member nations of the UN, have put forth for a dialogue on the Earmarking of Funds. Under the UN Developmental System, improvement on the funding techniques and managing them accordingly is to be discussed. Consequently an effective, efficient and less earmarked allocations are hoped for.

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