Imran Khan’s Reaction On Nobel Prize For Him Gets Tweets Flowing

The Capture of Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman took the nation by shock and we Indians took a big breath when we found out that he was taken care of. The Pakistani Army has stood by the Geneva Conventions regarding the Prisoner of W*r (POW) and they have returned our IAF Soldier after 60 hours of capture. This move was not expected by both nations. Pakistan Prime Minister’s diplomatic gesture has gained him a lot of praise.

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This has impressed the Pakistanis so much that they demanded a Nobel Peace Prize to their Prime Minister Imran Khan. The Twitter handles of many prominent people of the Pakistan nation and their citizens have been promoting this peace prize on the micro-blogging site.

The gaining prominence to this hashtag on Twitter has called for an official response from the Prime Minister himself. His reaction, on the other hand, was so naive that even his denial could not stop the supporters in asking for a peace prize for him.

The support to this Nobel Peace Prize to the PM of Pakistan went to such a level that there exists an online Petition in its support. The global online petition platform, ‘’ has seen a start when this man named Rameez Asif has started it. Since then there have been many people signing the petition.

All this support to the man comes after his ‘decision’ to return the Indian wing Commander Abhinandan to India. But it was not his personal decision as it was by a Universal Global Law of the Geneva Convention. The Prime Minister has just followed the global rule regarding a Prisoner of w*r.

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Twitter Reactions:

Indians who do not consider that the man did any big deed in returning ourย soldier to us, had very varied responses to his naive looking tweet.

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