Huawei Trolled Apple By Handing Out Power Banks to Customers Waiting In Lines For An iPhone XS

We all know the craze about iPhones all over the world. Each year in September or October, Apple launches the new model of its series. Before the release of the new model, people will wait for the mobile with a lot of curiosity. This year also apple company came with the new model I.e.., “iPhone XS”.

Huawei Trolled Apple By Handing Out Power Banks to Customers Waiting In Lines For An iPhone XS

For this new mode, people are waiting in front of the Apple stores. Huawei company employees came with the new innovative idea while iPhone fans are waiting in front of the stores. They are doing their own business with that apple customers. They want to use every opportunity to develop the revenue for the company.

As reported by CNET, Huawei arrived at the Singapore outlet at 11 pm local time the night before the store started selling the new iPhones. The Chinese firm handed out its power banks to the waiting customers, which it said was to “offer respite from the weather and grueling wait.”

People are marketing and selling power banks for Apple customers who are standing for the new model at the stores. This Huawei’s backhanded gifts are an attempt at mocking the iPhone’s supposedly small battery life, while also promoting the company’s own hardware. While the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max have 2,658mAh and 3,174mAh batteries, Huawei’s flagship P20 Pro has a larger 4,000mAh battery.


Along with power banks, they also selling brain boosting drinks and plug sockets to recharge battery-depleted mobile phones.

In London, Huawei mocked Apple’s flagship store by rolling up a mobile juice bar and proceeded to hand out drinks with “no traces of apple,” as well as a charging station that could plug in multiple phones.

Customers will wait in a queue to buy Apple iPhone XS at stores all overnight. By doing so in mobile devices charge will not stay as they stay the whole night. That’s why Huawei company marketing executives selling plug sockets to recharge their mobiles.

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