How Much Do The Bollywood Background Dancers Earn?

Bollywood is in itself a huge system of economy. It engages every person and attracts every aspiring individual into it. From the iconic directors to the spot boy the contribution is immense. Every person deserves to get the credit of their contribution in their due matters. Now that Bollywood is emerging and expanding its reach into different genres and the ways to portray it, Our Indian movies definitely have songs and dance numbers.

background dancers

Composing, setting the background, costumes, tunes, destinations, the actors and the choreography are all the ones related to the popular Item songs from the soothing emotional songs. The background dancers are not just props or a part of the setting, but also great performers.

background dancers 2

Whatever changes may come to Indian Cinema, we need our Background dancers and the concept of having one single upbeat song in the movie. More than the ones dancing in the front, these background dancers face a lot of strain as they don’t get to have too many takes on their performances.

background dancers 3

Like the stars on screen, these Background dancers do not have fixed payment on a monthly basis. Their payment depends on the director involved, choreographer they are associated with, and the spending capacity of the production department. In total their payment depends upon the budget of the movie they are working with.

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Talking about their income on an average, it would range between Rs50,000 / 50 thousand rupees and Rs1,00,000/ One Lakh rupees. That surely is more than many mainstream herd-filled jobs.

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