Hospital In UP Denies Woman Admission, She Delivers On the Road

Ever had an issue when you had to get operated in the operation theatre? If so, did you ever imagine getting an eye operation when the doctor uses a torchlight to operate? And to add to it, did you have to wait in a queue to get operated? And other patients keep rushing for their spot? Just imagining these things is very disturbing. In a desperate measure to get their cataracts cured, villagers in Uttar Pradesh state opted this way.

UP woman delivery 1

The Government doctors had many patients for the same cataract surgery, there was no power in the hospital, no power back up and no proper beds and operation theatre facility. The chief doctor there did a mass operation on all these patients at a stretch. This shows the poor condition of the Healthcare system in the state.

UP woman delivery 4

In another recent incident, a government hospital in the same ‘Cow Honouring State’, denied a pregnant woman admission for delivery. The incident took place in the district of Jalaun. A pregnant woman started experiencing labour pains when she was at home.

UP woman delivery

The family members have then soon rushed her to the nearby Government Hospital. But the doctors denied her admission and asked them to come after three days. She had severe pains and there was no time to take her to another hospital. The relatives of the lady surrounded her with big cloths, covered her thoroughly and she delivered her baby on the gravel road.

UP woman delivery 2

The family members were furious at the negligence shown by the Hospital people. They started agitations at the hospital premises and filed a report against the hospital management. Jalaun Chief Medical Officer responds by saying, ” A serious negligence was found in the matter. A probe will be initiated and action will be taken against the concerned doctor and staff if found guilty”.

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