Honour Killing In Tamilnadu: Alive Couple Thrown In Cauvery River

A body of a young man was seen floating in the Cauvery river. Police retrieved the body from the river and started the investigation. Two days later, a body of a young woman was seen afloat in the same river. There arose suspicion of a dual murder.

Mandya area Police on investigation found out that the case was of a Gruesome Honour Killing. The couple Nandish (26) and Swati (19) married against their parent’s wishes. The man as of a lower social status than the woman. The girl’s father was furious and he caused for such an incident. The couple got married and started their life in a hideout in Karnataka.

Police suspected and further confirmed that the parents found the couple in Karnataka after several days of searching. When found, the couple’s hands were tied with ropes and then brutally thrown into the river to avoid any chance of escape. And yes they could not escape their father’s anger, the societal pressure and surely not the cruel world.

The story started in their village

The pitiful couple, Nandish and Swati were the residents of Chudagowndanahalli village of Krishnagiri district in Tamilnadu. They met in their village and fell in love with each other. The time duration of their relationship was not revealed. They decided to get married and are making plans too. The difference between their so-called “Social Stratification” was a huge hurdle. Despite that, they wanted to get married. The relation which the couple’s parents would never approve of.

The couple got married three months ago and fled their village. They fled to Hosur in Karnataka. All was well until November 10th. They decided to attend a Public Meeting where Actor-turned-Politician Kamal Hassan was attending. To their misfortune, a distant relative of Swati who had also attended the meeting saw the couple. He immediately informed the girl’s father, who also happened to be in Hosur with other relatives.

Cheated To Death

Within minutes before the meeting ended, the couple was surrounded by Srinivasa, Father of the girl and other relatives. They had a huge argument. Srinivasa convinced the couple to get into their car, to reach to the police station, to settle the matters there. But, they were taken to Shivanasamudra, Part of River Cauvery. At around 3 am, Nandish was severely thrashed, tied up and thrown in the river while Swati was watching. Later, she was tied with her own dupatta and thrown into the river.

“Srinivasa admitted in killing his daughter and her husband. He did so on facing serious opposition from the village and was mandated to get rid of the couple for this supposedly ‘shameful act’.” The Police said. Furthermore, the police added, “Prima Facie, it appears to be an Honour Killing Case”.

Is it Honor, if acquired through Murder?

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