His Character Is A Gift From His Mother: Pujara’s Father

If there has to be one name that is emerging as the hero in the Indian cricket team, it sure is Cheteshwar Pujara. The man who went ignored in IPL auctions did seldom get credits he deserved -is slowly marking his name with golden letters. Pujara’s performance in the last series made him emerge as a hope to the team. In the four last tests, the man scored 521 runs off  1,258 deliveries and did a tremendous job for the team and the country. Cheteswar’s father -Mr Arvind Pujara, himself, has played first-class cricket for Saurashtra in time. The family did not have much sum of money to train Cheteshwar from a reputed institute, so his father used to bowl him daily to train him for his cricketing career. Although, Mr Arvind -in an interview with Rediff- reveals that it is not him but his wife because of who, Cheteshwar is emerging on the field.

“Entire world is praising Cheteshwar and everybody has been amazed by his powers of concentration. But let me tell you, I have not taught him this thing; this was taught to him by his mother,” Mr Arvind says. “My role is limited to Cheteshwar’s success as a batsman. I have taught him the skills, like playing on the front foot or back foot, the more technical side of things. But important things like concentration, having a balanced mind, staying calm at all times, all these important things he learnt from his mother,” he continues.

“If you calculate the number of hours he has batted since he took up cricket, it would be such a huge number. Imagine, he started playing cricket at age of eight, so think how many deliveries he must have played till now,” Mr Arvind continues further.

“My father has always been my best and worst critic. At times, he has been very critical but now we have come to an understanding, where we always speak and we come to a conclusion. And he is not very strict anymore,” C. Pujara has said earlier.


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