Here’s Why Ratan Tata Is Not As Rich As Mukesh Ambani

When it comes to recognising the faces that represent India on a worldwide level, it surely must be Mukesh Ambani who owns that fame; but when it comes to the contribution to India’s economy and impact made on the general public of the nation, Rata Tata tops the list. Mr Tata may surely not one of the richest men on the planet but his contribution to the nation tells us why he has never wanted to own that title.

“I Don’t want India to be an economic superpower, I want India to be Happy country,” Ratan Tata had once quoted. True to his nature, the man and company donate 66% of their profit to the charities run by them. The Tata group includes 100 operating companies spread across six different continents. The sectors they do business in includes Communications & ITeS, Consumer & Retail, Defence & Aerospace, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Promoter companies, Realty & Infrastructure, and Services.

All the businesses are popularly spread across the nation, so much so that the brand name -Tata has been marked in the minds of almost all the citizens. Mr Ratan Tata’s stake in Tata sons in 1% he has never complained about the money he makes. Commenting on the world’s second most expensive house -Mukesh Ambani owned Antilla, he once had stated, ” “ It makes me wonder why someone would do that… The person who lives in there should be concerned about what he sees around him and [asking] can he make a difference. If he is not, then it’s sad because this country needs people to allocate some of their enormous wealth to finding ways of mitigating the hardship that people have.”

Image: Times Now

Word has it that on the comparison of his wealth and that of Mukesh Ambani, Mr Tata had quotes, ” We are Industrialist and they are businessmen.”


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