Here Are Some Unknown Facts About Isha Ambani

Recently the most talked about wedding of the year -that of Isha Ambani happened and the people just could not resist knowing more and more about the same. Almost all the mainstream actors and actresses attended the wedding; politicians like Hillary Clinton and Pranab Mukherjee, and businessmen like Rata Tata spread their charm on the wedding day in Antilla. The $100 million wedding was no less than a world-class celebration in the country. Despite the wedding being covered globally -there are facts about Isha Ambani that hardly anyone apart from her family -knows. Here we list some of them.

Daughter of the richest man in India and 20th richest man of the planet -Mukesh Ambani -Mrs Isha Ambani has a personality and a charm of her own which makes her one influential woman of our country.

1. She is a twin of Akash Ambani: The Ambanis have three children -while Anant Ambani is the youngest child of them, Akash and Isha are twins. Anant became hugely famous for losing a lot of his weight sometime back.

2. Isha herself is a businesswoman: She also launched Reliance group’s e-commerce foray into fashion retail—called Ajio at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai. Ajio has been immensely popular among youths nowadays. In 2008.

3. Ranked on Forbes’ list: She was also ranked second on the ‘Forbes’ Youngest Billionaire Heiresses’ list. Back then she had an estimated net worth of Rs. 471 crore (US$73 million.)

4. Married to billionaire’s son: Isha is married to Anand Parimal -who is a son of Indian industrialist -Mr Ajay Piramal who is the 24th richest man in India -and has a net worth of $4.6B.

5. A degree in Psychology: She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and South Asian studies from Yale University, United States. She also manages Reliance group now.


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